Oct 28, 2012

Hair Horns look

Cute look I like to do when I have the extra time to play with my hair ^^ Pretty simple but adorable. Might do a little tutorial on this, what ya think? :D
( My bangs were huge here :o)

Oct 25, 2012

MOTD 3 - No eyebrows makeup

I was lazy and not in the mood to draw my eyebrows, I just wanted something simple to go out do some grocerie shopping, but it got a little out of hand :P To be honest a simple makeup doesn't really look that good with no eyebrows :X And I feel prettier lookin weird anyway ^^

Zombie Walk LX poster

For the people who follow my blog and are not aware of it, I'm a digital artist and graphic designer :) So from time to time I do some pro bono work for non profitable organizations that defend noble causes or that I just find interesting and need some help with the design department. That's the case of: Zombie Walk (Lisbon)! How can you not love zombie walk? This is my first year at ZW, finally! I got so mad the past years cause I coudn't make it :< So this year I wanted to get envolved has much as I could. So I decided to help them desining the poster.

For my main inspiration, I though, right of the bat, retro horror movies posters, of course! B-Horror, Grindhouse and obviously, posters from George Romero's films.

Main characteristics: Bright and very few colors (sometimes monochromatic), grungy, very charismatic typography, regular use of sillhouettes.

And this is what I've come up with! A main red version and I also did a greyscale one as a request from the organization.
I added a very simbolic bridge of Lisbon, 25 de Abril bridge, to give it a personalized look, 'cause this is not "any" zombie walk, this is Zombie Walk Lisbon, and it's gonna kick ass :D
Aaand it's on Halloween, so I don't have to overthink my costume any longer.

Oct 23, 2012

MUOTD 2 - Zombina Makeup

Pretty "normie" makeup ^^ Purple and green eyeshadow for the eye + black eyeliner. Full on red lipstick on the top lip, and just a bit at the bottom corners, then smudged to the mid section.
I still have purple hair, for some reason the red part of my bangs were covering the purple, so the eyebrows look a little off here :P

Oct 21, 2012

MUOTD 1 - Sunset makeup + replying to comments

Makeup I used to do often when I had my old hair, I think it matched perfectly ^^ Lately I haven't dolled up much so I have to post old pics D: And I've been feeling ill for this past couple of days, so at the moment I'm lookin like a mess :(

I've also wanted to clarify, that for some unfamiliar reason to me, my blog doesn't have a "reply to comment" button, so although I appreciate all the comments made, I can't answer them. So, thank you for the people who have been commenting! I'm not rude I promise, teehee :D

Oct 18, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween - Say hello to Mr. Giggles!

Halloween is almost here, woo-hoo! Most adorable night of the year :D This year I haven't been thinking that much about costumes until now, I think I'll fix my own costume with stuff I already own and with the lovely help of make-up ^^  I've also been practicing some face paint on my BF - So say hello to Mr. Giggles!

I know the photo looks like crap, but it's just a tiny sneak peak, I wouldn't want to reveal Mr. Giggles right away :D You'll have to wait for Halloween for the complete look, it still needs improvement. Meanwhile, I'll have to think about my make-up to match this level of creepiness.

Oct 14, 2012

Daily Outfit 2

Taking photos at night with black clothes is not the smartest idea for Daily outfit photos, and this is a pretty random pic of me talking, but oh well :P

Shirt: ebay
Vinyl skirt: pretty old skirt, I forgot where I got it
Lilac necklace with skeleton hand: Twisted Mind of Mine
Bag: Restyle
Little crown: Gift from a friend ^^ 

For make-up: dramatical eyebrows with a very simple eye, just black eyeshadow and eyeliner with a little wing. No fake eyelashes, I just have naturally long lashes :P. Lips contoured with light purple and filled with a purple/pinkish lipstick - very light colors.

Last pics were taken at home, me and my BF were waiting for the League of Legends world championship finale :D - It started at 3 a.m. here,  and lasted till almost 7 a.m. O_O, we are creatures of the night so we're used to pull an all nighter muahah. But it was a great game, GG TPA! :D

Oct 7, 2012

Daily Outfit 1

 First daily outfist post ;) Very casual look I wore the other day just to take a stroll in the park ^^

Super baggy and cute bat shirt: H&M
skirt: H&M
Boots: Milanoo
Tights: DIY
Sunglasses: Prada replica

Little bat wings with black eyeliner, grey eyeshadow with a splash of pink in the corners. Dark purple for the lips (in the pic looks like grey..) 

Oct 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Cookie!

It was 3 years ago that my canine best friend was born :D My adorable companion Cookie :3 I can't believe she's already 3, seems like yesterday when she arrived and could fit in my coat's pocket!
Cookie is the most adorable dog I've ever met, she's a true friend and she definitely holds a sweet special place in my heart ^^ Happy birthday to her!

Now I'll spam you with some photos of her cuteness :D

 Cookie with only 2 months

First Christmas at home

First thing I see in the morning

Me and Cookie today, just a few minutes ago :D

It’s the “Too Bad to be True Horror Movie Marathon”!

A couple of days ago me and my BF decided to watch the “Ruins”. It was screened 2 years ago on MotelX, but we didn’t had the opportunity to go see it back then, so we decided to gave it a try now since we were bored and in the mood for an horror movie cliché. Summing up, the movie sucked. It was not only cliché, it had many plot holes, terrible acting, it was just too dumb to be even remotely scary, it was just… funny :D So it ended up being entertaining since we gave some good laughs (although I have to say, almost everything seems funnier when watched with my BF, we’re just a couple of goofballs).

The next night we wanted to repeat the experience, MOAR TERRIBLE HORROR MOVIES PLS – “Summer’s Blood” was the chosen one, and cinema gods have mercy on us! That was probably the worst piece of crap I’ve ever seen O_O  and trust me, I’ve seen some pretty shitty movies. I gave it a 1/10 on IMDB and even that is a high rating. Atrocious acting, non sense plot and dumbest ending ever, it was so obvious I even figured out the plot “twist” just by reading the synopsis!  “The Ruins” compared to this was a freakin’ masterpiece! 

But we are thirsty for more! Can there be even worse? We want dumber stories, worst acting and directors. We want to scream “OH THE PLOT HOLES, WHY?! OH WHY?”, so I can make my (at least) top 5 Too Bad to Be True Horror Movies.

 I challenge you to make your own marathon – A week with a terrible horror movie per day, are you up for the challenge? You can follow my suggestions, which I’ll post later, or you can share your own suggestions! They have to be bad enough to either make you want to burst into tears of laugher or make you wanna gauge your eyes out :D

Next in the Marathon: Smile