Dec 29, 2012

Why do the Harry Potter movies suck so bad?

Completly different from my last posts, but hey! I'm a movie and literature lover, so I felt the need to discuss this subject.

The question that hunts my mind from time to time is: Why do the Harry Potter movies suck so bad?
I think it is wise to remind you that this is my opinion and yours may differ. Just to avoid enraged fans ^^

When I was 11 years old, I had already read the 4 HP books that existed so far, and I LOVED them, I still do actually ^^, it was the year of 2000, and one year after that I was anxiously anticipating the new book, but instead we got a movie. "Alright, a movie!" I was super excited! I went to the premiere here in Portugal, and I was prepared to watch one of the most awesome movies ever created! - Girl, was I wrong - I almost cried with disappointment when I left the theatre.
 I know, I know, you can't expect a movie to be better than the book and I really wasn't, but the movie didn't even tried! It didn't even made the book the tiniest little justice. It was and IS horrid. 
I was sure it was gonna be a flop. Who in they're right mind would like the movie after reading the book which was FAR superior? Oh yeah, I forgot... most kids of my age didn't read that much and they didn't even know that the books existed, so many loved the movie, because let's face it, it is an immature movie, whereas the book isn't.
After the movie I got a bit "angry" at the HP fandom, 'cause I almost felt as a personal offense from JK Rowling letting my favourite book, at the time, be butchered like that :(

Many years after! We're in 2012, last week to be exact, and I decided to give the movies another try. I though - maybe the first movies were the worst, cause the cast was still young and unexperienced, yadda, yadda (which doesn't really matter 'cause the problem is not really the cast, cause there are GREAT actors in it, but yeah). Anyway, I decided to watch the Order of Phoenix (I ended up watching the previous movies too, when they aired on tv). 

First of all, how can you even expect a consistent saga when the director isn't even the same?  Let's see:

Sorcerer's Stone: Chris Columbus
Chamber of Secrets: Chris Columbus
Prisioner of Azkaban: Alfonso Cuarón
Goblet of Fire: Mike Newell
Order of Phoenix and so forth: David Yates

HP was actually David Yates first grand production (he had done some TV movies and mini-series only), I wish I could say it was also his last, but unfortunatelly it has been rumoured that he's been working on new projects, including a Tarzan movie (ouch).
I'll be talking about the Order of Phoenix only, for now, since it was the last one I've watched. 
I can honestly say it's one of the worst directing and screenplay I've seen, besides B movies. 
The story evolves in hyper-speed, you just want to shout "SLOW THE FUCK DOWN" at the screen. The way the scenes are connected, oh lawdy, it looks like Yates had a list of scenes he had to include from the book and how they connect to each other is completely overrated. It is also ironic how fast-paced the movie is and still.. incredibly boring.

Side Note:  Did you know that the Sorcerer's Stone book has 310 pages and the Order of Phoenix has 870, but the first HP movie has 152 minutes while the fifth has 138? I mean, really?! So the book is almost triple the size, but the movie is shorter.. makes sense. It explains why it looks so freakin rushed and chopped.

In the book the character of Harry gets much more moody and complex, you realize he's not the perfect hero, neither was he's father, who was kinda douchebaggy actually. You get none of that in the movie, it's just good ol' Harry with that stale personality of his and no character development.
The only good parts were the few minutes Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman or Helena Boham Carter were on screen.

Now that I've shown my discontentment about the movies, I would really like to hear from people that love them and why. We all have different perspectives and opinions, but it intrigues me how one can love equally both books and movies. In some cases people are so obssessed about HP that they will love everything about it blindly (that's the bad thing about fandoms), so they can't have a objective perception of the movies. And there are some people that have never read the books and love the movies  - Those I can't really understand :| Cause if you thought that shit was good, if you read the books your brain will freakin' explode! 
And I'm not even sure if there are people that have read the books and seen the movies and prefer the movies O_O But if there are, I'd love to hear from you and hear your opinion :D

And to end this post here's a drawing of me as a Ravenclaw student :D

Dec 19, 2012

MUOTD 4 - Dark Sailormoon Inspired Makeup

Argh, haven't posted anything for awhile! Altough I have been drawing almost non stop everytime I get some free time, so that's a good reason for neglecting my blog ^^
I'll just update with some crappy webcam shots of my makeup today.

And here's an extra of me discovering new uses for my plugs - pencil holders, of course! When you're drawing it comes pretty handy, the back of your ear only holds one :D

Dec 5, 2012

The Hawkeye Initiative

The Hawkeye Initiative is too much fun! If you're not familiar with it, get on board and share it.

I think we can all agree that, oftenly, women in comics are drawn in a ridiculously sexist way. Not only the cotumes are the furthest of what you'd consider "wearable" and comfortable for a superhero, but even the anatomy is sometimes impossible (mostly seen in covers), made that way so you can have ass and boobs at the same time as the main point. Obviously! what else would you want to see.. her FACE?! you disgust me! :|
The Hawkeye Initiative is a funny way to call out sexism in comics - making clear to everyone that those poses and costumes are sometimes so ridiculous, you can't help but laugh.

It all started when webcomic artist Noelle Stevenson suggested on her Tumblr (where else?) that when superhero comic artists are drawing female characters in a stereotypical pose, the women should be replaced with Hawkeye in the same position. Shortly afterwards, fellow artist known as Blue redrew the cover of the October 2011 issue of Marvel Adventures Super Heroes featured Hawkeye and Black Widow where the positions of the two titular characters were switched. The redrawn version now depicted Hawkeye hanging upside down with his legs spread and back curved.

And thus, the Hawkeye Initiative was born! Other artists wanted to contribute to the idea and it spreaded like wildfire!

I'm leaving you with some more examples :D

There are hundreds of these, so I can't post them all, just google them, or tumblr them, people are making new ones everyday :D
And remembers kids, sexism is wrong, let's call that shit out! *flies away*