Feb 21, 2013

Kryolan Aquacolor - 5 different ways to use it!

Helloes ^^

As promised before, here's the Kryolan Aquacolor cream 'pot' post! I'll have to call it 'pot' because honestly I can't say it's a cream eyeshadow or eyeliner or whatever, because it can be pretty much anything you want!
I'll use my aquacolor R27, which is a pretty purple, as an example to show you how versatile this product can be. I also have a black one, a white, a red and a frankenstein green and I'm pretty happy with all of them. I bought them for around 6€ each, which is pretty reasonable considering how big and functional they are. You can also mix this with water to get a more intense color with a slightly different shade.

I use the purple one everyday to draw my eyebrows and it still looks full, so I'm pretty sure this product will last me for a loooong time.

Note: I didn't use any kind of foundation or primer for this pics. The product was directly applied on my skin.

1. Lips

 Because you can get different shades depedning on the amount of water you mix with your Aquacolor, you can get multiple results on your lips. I will warn you tho', your lips can get pretty dry, specially if you apply a thick coat with water, so I recommend you use some lip balm first and then apply the aquacolor (or you can try and mix both!)

2. Eyebrows

As I said previously I use this color everyday for my eyebrows ^^ There are some ocasions that I may draw them in black, but mostly I think this purple shade is a perfect combination with my hair :)
It might seem a bit too ligh or too pinkish sometimes, so to set it (less likely to smudge) and to make the color a little deeper, I put a bit of  (a darker) purple eyeshadow on top of it.

3. Eyeliner

I don't use this method quite as often, since I like to wear mostly black eyeliner, but it's an awesome alternative to colorful cream eyeliners. Apply it with a wet brush, but not as much as you would for your lips, you still want it to have a pretty thick consistency.

4. Eyeshadow

This method doesn't work that well by itself, at least with this shade of purple, and the reason for that is: you're gonna look like you got punched in the eye :D It really has that bruise tone, and although I think it's a pretty neet effect - and I use this often for special effects make-up - for your daily basis is not the best look, so what you can do is using it as an eyeshadow base. If you want some purple eyeshadow to really pop, just use the R27 underneath. 
In the pics I used the R27 only, no eyeshadow. It looks darker in the corner because I applied it with a wet brush, and it looks pinkish in the areas I applied (and smudged) with my finger.


5. Blush/Conturing

And finally! You can use this as a blush and conturing so it kinda counts as 2 :)
You really only need a tiny amount of product for the full drama effect. Use it dry obviously, unless you are going for a face paint makeup 

And that's it! That was a long post :D Hope you find it helpful! ^^

Feb 12, 2013

Forest spirit/Faun costume - It's Carnival! :D

Carnival is a celebration that originated in Greece between 600-520 BC. In this celebration the Greeks worshiped their gods and thanked them for soil fertility and production. It became a celebration adopted by the Catholic Church in 590 AD. It occurs immediately before Lent and that period was marked by the period of "farewell to meat" or the Latin "carne vale" originating the term "carnival". During that time there was a large concentration of popular festivities. Each city played in its own way, according to their customs. The modern carnival, parades and costumes are a product of nineteenth-century Victorian society.
Nowadays Carnival has pretty much no connection to religious views and it's just an excuse for people to get drunk and party in costumes like crazy :D 

And now that I have bored you with some cultural and historical trivia, here's the costume I wore this year! ^^

 I was a Forest spirit! Or some fantasy-like-deer-faun-creature if you will :P The headpiece was self made including the antlers :) They were made with white clay and then painted with acrylics (the structure was made with tin foil). I attached them to a pretty thick head band, to support the weight (they weren't super heavy, but weren't that light either) and then added some artificial flowers ^^ 
To complete the costume I wore a big faux fur stole. The makeup unfortunatly had to be done in a hurry, I had very little time to do it so it looks a little bit rushed, but I was happy with it either way ^^

This is the only decent pic I have of the complete look :( I should have taken pics BEFORE going out, but I didn't. So by the end of the night with all the dancing and drinking my headpiece had taken a real beating -I lost half of the flowers, my antlers were all crooked and my makeup already smudging ^^'

 Was able to take a decent pic of my makeup ^^


And a shot of my headband (without the flowers). Unbelivably the flowers were by far the most expensive element of my costume :X

Fun, fun night!

Feb 10, 2013

MUOTD 6 - Starry night Makeup

Went to the club last Friday and this was the sparkly look I wore ^^ I used only one item for pretty much the whole look, my Kryolan purple cream pot which I'm completely in love with. Kryolan is one of my fav make-up brands, it has super affordable products, CRUELTY FREE, and they are super multi-functional! I can use the same cream pot as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and even to do my eyebrows! :D And you can mix it with water for an even stronger color and slightly different shade ^^

I'll do another post with the different ways you can use this product, cause it's defenitly worth it ^^

For this look I only had to throw some sparkles on it to "fairy" it up ^^ The gem in my forehead was glued with glitter-glue (not the best one, I admit) I was almost sure I was going to lose it in the club, but I didn't ^^ Well.. it fell once, but I was lucky enough to find it, even if it was pitch-black.

*Nose-chain was self made*