Feb 12, 2013

Forest spirit/Faun costume - It's Carnival! :D

Carnival is a celebration that originated in Greece between 600-520 BC. In this celebration the Greeks worshiped their gods and thanked them for soil fertility and production. It became a celebration adopted by the Catholic Church in 590 AD. It occurs immediately before Lent and that period was marked by the period of "farewell to meat" or the Latin "carne vale" originating the term "carnival". During that time there was a large concentration of popular festivities. Each city played in its own way, according to their customs. The modern carnival, parades and costumes are a product of nineteenth-century Victorian society.
Nowadays Carnival has pretty much no connection to religious views and it's just an excuse for people to get drunk and party in costumes like crazy :D 

And now that I have bored you with some cultural and historical trivia, here's the costume I wore this year! ^^

 I was a Forest spirit! Or some fantasy-like-deer-faun-creature if you will :P The headpiece was self made including the antlers :) They were made with white clay and then painted with acrylics (the structure was made with tin foil). I attached them to a pretty thick head band, to support the weight (they weren't super heavy, but weren't that light either) and then added some artificial flowers ^^ 
To complete the costume I wore a big faux fur stole. The makeup unfortunatly had to be done in a hurry, I had very little time to do it so it looks a little bit rushed, but I was happy with it either way ^^

This is the only decent pic I have of the complete look :( I should have taken pics BEFORE going out, but I didn't. So by the end of the night with all the dancing and drinking my headpiece had taken a real beating -I lost half of the flowers, my antlers were all crooked and my makeup already smudging ^^'

 Was able to take a decent pic of my makeup ^^


And a shot of my headband (without the flowers). Unbelivably the flowers were by far the most expensive element of my costume :X

Fun, fun night!


  1. Oh that's great and beautiful ! *-*

  2. That is so pretty! I would love to look like that for a larp sometime :D

  3. How did you make the antlers?