Jul 21, 2013

MUOTD 11 - Glitz Glam

My look for the SBSR festival. Neutral lips and full glitery eyes.
My hair has a life of it's own, when I want to make it curly, it NEVER works, it only holds up the curls for 2/3 hours max, specially if done with a curling iron, but lately, if I go to bed with my hair slightly wet, BAM! Instant messy curls the next day, that last for a long time :D

Jul 15, 2013

MUOTD 10 - Depeche Mode look

Last Satuday I went to the Optimus Alive festival here in Lisbon, Depeche Mode were the headliners! Last time they were in Portugal I didn't get the chance to see them, so I couldnt let this opportunity go!
The show was amazing and I got to meet a bunch of new people and hang out with some pretty friends

Here's my makeup look for the day:

 My fabulous bat bow was hand made by DelightfullyDeviant and I bought the adorable bat ring on eBay for about 1€!
Make-up is Kryolan and Manic Panic, all cruelty free ^^

Here's some of my fav pics taken at the arena:

The last band to go on stage were Crystal Catles at 3 a.m.! My back was completely killing me at the time ;_; and added to the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of electronic music, I only endured half the concert and got home just before the sun rising.

Happy day!

Jul 3, 2013

MUOTD 9 - Casual Doll

My "casual" doll look :D Probably not so casual for some,  but for me a more "costumy" doll makeup would be full blown drama. Buttom lashes were drawn with a really thin brush and gel eyeliner, it's an awesome alternative to fake eyelashes, if you have a steady hand and the right brush.Works perfectly with the dolly look.

Btw, I'm not really THAT pale, but my webcam really washes me out!

Jul 2, 2013


I'm not rude, I'm assertive
I'm not rude, I'm socially awkward
I'm not rude, I speak my mind
I'm not rude, I'm shy
I'm not rude, I'm opinionated

I'm not rude, but I'm no people pleaser.