Apr 20, 2013



Here is my OOTD to show off my pretty new skirt. This was actually a birthday gift from my BF, but since it was custom made it took almost a month to arrive ^^'
We ordered it from this super cool store from etsy, RoobyLane, she makes the cutest nerdy skirts, everything from LOTR, Batman, Star Wars, Star Treck, the Avengers, etc, etc. Me being the LOTR lover that I am, I fell in love with this skirt the second I saw it. The original skirt was black and glod, but since you can make the changes you want (since it's custom made), I asked for a purple/black version! ^^ It has the inscriptions of the One ring in the bottom half and it ties up with a pretty purple satin ribbon at the waist. It's just preecioooous!   

 Jacket: Blacklist - Lip Service
Skirt: Rooby Lane

Skirt detail. The photos turned out reaaaally crappy, they came out super grainy >_<

Apr 2, 2013

Buh bey bangs!

I wore bangs for the past.. I'll say 3 to 4 years, I love the "cute" look they provide, but it was time for a change. I'm starting the process of "let your bangs grow!", which, if you ever had to let your bangs grow, you know it's a super boring process, you want to see new results NOW! And hair is always getting in your eyes.. eerg, how annoying :<. It will pay off tho', can't wait for them to be long enough so I can shave the side of my head and make a lovely sidehawk.. ooh how I miss having one. Meanwhile, bobby pins will do the trick!