Feb 10, 2013

MUOTD 6 - Starry night Makeup

Went to the club last Friday and this was the sparkly look I wore ^^ I used only one item for pretty much the whole look, my Kryolan purple cream pot which I'm completely in love with. Kryolan is one of my fav make-up brands, it has super affordable products, CRUELTY FREE, and they are super multi-functional! I can use the same cream pot as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and even to do my eyebrows! :D And you can mix it with water for an even stronger color and slightly different shade ^^

I'll do another post with the different ways you can use this product, cause it's defenitly worth it ^^

For this look I only had to throw some sparkles on it to "fairy" it up ^^ The gem in my forehead was glued with glitter-glue (not the best one, I admit) I was almost sure I was going to lose it in the club, but I didn't ^^ Well.. it fell once, but I was lucky enough to find it, even if it was pitch-black.

*Nose-chain was self made*


  1. Looking gorgeous!
    I'm looking forward to seeing all things one can do with that cream pot.
    The colour is magical!

    I'm quite nostalgic for that nose chain you made. I have no idea where mine got lost after spending a few hours trying to assemble it :(

  2. I haven't heard of Kryolan before. I'd be very interested to see all the things that you can do with that cream :)

  3. Oh, I'm quite the 'expert' on loosing nose chains myself :D But since I like making my own jewerly I have lots of crafts and chains lying around, so i can whip up a new one in 2 seconds! ^^

    I'll try to make the Kryolan post till the end of the week :D