Jan 30, 2013

Gift from Delyria and Iva Insane

Uff, It's been a while since my last post, I should get this blog updated at least once a week, but I'm just lazeeh.

Anyway! A couple of weeks ago I was watching some videos by Amelie (a.k.a Delyria, you can see her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DelyriaPhoto), she does some beautiful make-up tutorials and some helpful videos with beauty tricks, and she's beautiful to look at also, so I'm a follower :P 
She made a video organizing a little contest with Jenni (a.k.a Iva Insane, her blog: http://ivainsane.wordpress.com/), a gorgeous alternative model and hairdresser, you might also know her as Adora Batbrat's sister. So basically, the contest was a combination of this two ladies talents, Iva Insane modeling and Delyria photography (yes, I forgot to mention she's a photographer also). They made a beautiful photo session inspired by clowns, and Delyria was giving away 3 photos in high quality print of the mentioned photography session. You could win the photos by creating a piece of art that was related to clowns, and by a matter of chance I was working on my Le Petit Pierrot drawing at the time, remember? ^^ So I thought to myself "why not?" and sent my drawing to Delyria.
Maybe a week after, she sent me an email telling me that she and Iva Insane loved my work :) They picked me as the winner and she sent me the photos right away, she was super fast and super nice ^^

I got the photos with a little note from Delyria.

The prints have awesome quality, super thick paper with a little shine to it. My favourite is defenitly the one with the "metal clown nose". They are super creepy and adorable, just the way I like it :D

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