Jan 5, 2013

Le Petit Pierrot

I'm super happy with my fast improvement with coloring with the "traditional" brushes at PS, such as the watercolor brush and airbrush ^^ This is only my second try with this coloring style and I already think it looks MUCH better then my first try ^^ 
My "cartoonish" style always had very harsh lines because I never removed the lineart, not that doing that is necesseraly a bad thing, but this way I can bring my character to a whole new level of creepiness and adorableness at the same time and it has that nice texture of a real oil or acrylic painting :) 

Here's the WIP. I changed the color scheme nearly the end, I think her eyes and little hat are much more noticable now. What do you think?


  1. In think it's perfect!!!

  2. Provavelmente já deves estar farta de ouvir dizer isto, mas tens obviamente imenso talento, isso aliado a uma mente criativaé uma excelente mais valia , adorei o trabalho em questão , é sem dúvida o meu estilo digital favorito, visto ser tão semelhante a pintura propriamente dita.
    Este trabalho é lindo, sem dúvida, muitos parabéns, ficaria óptimo enquadrado numa parede vermelha