Oct 14, 2012

Daily Outfit 2

Taking photos at night with black clothes is not the smartest idea for Daily outfit photos, and this is a pretty random pic of me talking, but oh well :P

Shirt: ebay
Vinyl skirt: pretty old skirt, I forgot where I got it
Lilac necklace with skeleton hand: Twisted Mind of Mine
Bag: Restyle
Little crown: Gift from a friend ^^ 

For make-up: dramatical eyebrows with a very simple eye, just black eyeshadow and eyeliner with a little wing. No fake eyelashes, I just have naturally long lashes :P. Lips contoured with light purple and filled with a purple/pinkish lipstick - very light colors.

Last pics were taken at home, me and my BF were waiting for the League of Legends world championship finale :D - It started at 3 a.m. here,  and lasted till almost 7 a.m. O_O, we are creatures of the night so we're used to pull an all nighter muahah. But it was a great game, GG TPA! :D

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love the way your hair fades into different colours. The outfit is really cute, also!