Oct 25, 2012

Zombie Walk LX poster

For the people who follow my blog and are not aware of it, I'm a digital artist and graphic designer :) So from time to time I do some pro bono work for non profitable organizations that defend noble causes or that I just find interesting and need some help with the design department. That's the case of: Zombie Walk (Lisbon)! How can you not love zombie walk? This is my first year at ZW, finally! I got so mad the past years cause I coudn't make it :< So this year I wanted to get envolved has much as I could. So I decided to help them desining the poster.

For my main inspiration, I though, right of the bat, retro horror movies posters, of course! B-Horror, Grindhouse and obviously, posters from George Romero's films.

Main characteristics: Bright and very few colors (sometimes monochromatic), grungy, very charismatic typography, regular use of sillhouettes.

And this is what I've come up with! A main red version and I also did a greyscale one as a request from the organization.
I added a very simbolic bridge of Lisbon, 25 de Abril bridge, to give it a personalized look, 'cause this is not "any" zombie walk, this is Zombie Walk Lisbon, and it's gonna kick ass :D
Aaand it's on Halloween, so I don't have to overthink my costume any longer.


  1. You did a fuckin great job!!

  2. Ficaram fantasticos os cartazes, num look clean mas agressivo, muito Quentin Tarantino!
    Nunca participei em nenhuma mas tenho tido alguma vontade, não sei se será desta.