Oct 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Cookie!

It was 3 years ago that my canine best friend was born :D My adorable companion Cookie :3 I can't believe she's already 3, seems like yesterday when she arrived and could fit in my coat's pocket!
Cookie is the most adorable dog I've ever met, she's a true friend and she definitely holds a sweet special place in my heart ^^ Happy birthday to her!

Now I'll spam you with some photos of her cuteness :D

 Cookie with only 2 months

First Christmas at home

First thing I see in the morning

Me and Cookie today, just a few minutes ago :D


  1. Awww, my god the cuteness! Dogs (well, animals in general) are truly one of the best "things" in the world. Happy bday cookie!

  2. Btw, that long sleeve is loooove!