Oct 1, 2012

It’s the “Too Bad to be True Horror Movie Marathon”!

A couple of days ago me and my BF decided to watch the “Ruins”. It was screened 2 years ago on MotelX, but we didn’t had the opportunity to go see it back then, so we decided to gave it a try now since we were bored and in the mood for an horror movie cliché. Summing up, the movie sucked. It was not only cliché, it had many plot holes, terrible acting, it was just too dumb to be even remotely scary, it was just… funny :D So it ended up being entertaining since we gave some good laughs (although I have to say, almost everything seems funnier when watched with my BF, we’re just a couple of goofballs).

The next night we wanted to repeat the experience, MOAR TERRIBLE HORROR MOVIES PLS – “Summer’s Blood” was the chosen one, and cinema gods have mercy on us! That was probably the worst piece of crap I’ve ever seen O_O  and trust me, I’ve seen some pretty shitty movies. I gave it a 1/10 on IMDB and even that is a high rating. Atrocious acting, non sense plot and dumbest ending ever, it was so obvious I even figured out the plot “twist” just by reading the synopsis!  “The Ruins” compared to this was a freakin’ masterpiece! 

But we are thirsty for more! Can there be even worse? We want dumber stories, worst acting and directors. We want to scream “OH THE PLOT HOLES, WHY?! OH WHY?”, so I can make my (at least) top 5 Too Bad to Be True Horror Movies.

 I challenge you to make your own marathon – A week with a terrible horror movie per day, are you up for the challenge? You can follow my suggestions, which I’ll post later, or you can share your own suggestions! They have to be bad enough to either make you want to burst into tears of laugher or make you wanna gauge your eyes out :D

Next in the Marathon: Smile


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