Nov 30, 2012

No justice for me.

I have been feeling disenchanted with my art lately. It looks like I have been doing the same for ages, I wanted to do some different, something meaningful and appealing, but I was lacking motivation and inspiration. I can't remember the last time I've grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and just doodled away. I've been drawing in digital form ONLY for at least 2 years - this week I decided to change that. I decided to sketch something just for fun, and realized how much I missed the simpleness of drawing random stuff with a regular pencil in a regular sheet of paper. My ""traditional"" style is completely different from my regular digital style, it's much more cartoonish and stylized, but it's good to be able to practise both.

As soon as I start sketching ideas started to pop up and I decided to do a line of works called "No justice for me" - Idea born from a conversation with a friend about misogynism, LGBTQ-phobia, rape culture and other depressing stuff that need you're attention.

I've finished 2 drawings so far, more to come!

 Am I the only one who thinks the animated WIP's are just freakin hipnotazing? o_O

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