Nov 1, 2012


'Morning Ghouls! How was your Halloween night? :)

Mine, although short, was pretty fun. Spent most of my afternoon doing zombie makeup for me, my Bf and a friend. My BF was supposed to be Mr.Giggles, but we thought it would be better if we all went as zombies ^^ 

We were supposed to go to Zombie Walk, but I couldn't finish the makeup in time, so we got there late and missed it :\  
We stayed at Bairro Alto and met some friends there. That place is always packed with tourists, so lots of people from different countries asked to take pictures with us cause they loved our costumes, it was pretty awesome :D  I wish I could have a copy of all those pics. We met people from Spain, Turkey, China, India, USA, and obviously fellow portuguese ^^
Oh! And I almost forgot, we went to a supermarket eariler to buy some liquor, we got a bunch of compliments and a little kid screamed and cried when he saw us, eheh, poor kid ^^

Later we went to Monster Walk, which was pretty crappy, we got bored and didn't stayed 'till the end. We then decided to check out Metropolis Club, Ronny Moorings from Clan of Xymox was gonna be there as a special guest DJ, but when we arrived we decided not to bother to go in, the music was pretty terrible for my taste, we stayed at the door of the club chatting for at least 20 minutes and all I could hear was Skrillex, dubstep, electronic music..  nah, thank you. We decided to call it a night then, since I was up since 7am and a friend since 6:30am, so we were pretty tired.
And here are some close up shots of my makeup :D Notice the little rat nomming on my shoulder.. I named him Xavier :P


  1. Metropolis really was shite, it was supposed to be generalist, but it was mainly industrial, electro etc all night long. I thought I saw you there though, but I was apparently mistaken!

  2. I'm really glad I didn't go in then, if I wanted to listen to electro I'd go to any other club - bleh.
    If you ever spot me somewhere come and say hi! :D