Aug 25, 2013

Chameleons Vox show + MUOTD 13

Yesterday was the Chameleons Vox concert in Portugal, in a place kinda in the middle of nowhere but not that far from Lisbon.
The show was completely free entrance because it was a part of a fair/carnival that was going on on that little town, which was pretty random :D The fair was filled with terrible and tacky popular music, carroussels, bliking lights everywhere and all the fried food you can imagine. It was pretty hilarious to see the confused looks on the locals to see so many goths hangin around. The vast majority were unaware of the Chameleons existence.

For some reason I never take photos of the shows, at the time I'm too spaced out enjoying them, so I never have actually photos of the events to share :D

Well, have some pictures of my makeup for that nigh.

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