Nov 15, 2014

Late Halloween post!

Hi everyone!

~late Halloween post here~

 This Halloween was quite frustrating! This is a still from the video I was recording for my inicial makeup idea, a completely ripped jaw with exposed teeth (you can't see much of that here, since it's looking like a mess at this point). Nothing went according to plan. I noticed way too late that my liquid latex wasn't in the best conditions, I had that bottle for a while and I haven't used it for some time now, so I completley forgot that thing could expire. It wasn't sticking to my skin properly, the color was a dark yellow which was almost impossible do blend, gah! I ended up loosing way too much time until I finally gave up and moved on to plan B - a home made sculp gel which saved the day. I just threw some on my face and worked something quick from there, since at that point I was late for everything. 

I still has to make my partners makeup too, but in the end it didnt turned out that bad: at the time I was starting to loose hope.

Here's some photos of our faces:

 Also if you are interested in knowing how to make this home sculp gel you can check out me tutorial!

How was your Halloween this year? :D

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