Nov 14, 2013

Really late Halloween post

Hey Ghouls,

I sure have been neglecting my blog.. I've been  having a really shitty time lately, the worst I've been in the last few years, so I 've been restraining myself to write anything, I'm pretty sure I would regret it later. I'm too beat-up emotionally to say anything decent.

So, changing the subject to something a bit happier,  Halloween! Halloween was that bright day I was in desesperate need to lift my spirit a bit. And I got to celebrate it twice!
On the 31, I went to ZombieWalk Lisbon with my love and a couple of friends.

 I did our makeup, and I had so much fun doing it! Even with only one eye opened. We won the prize for best zombies :D

Some group shots
(some photos were taken by Lobster Leyla ^^)

Then on November 2nd, Saturday, we got to celebrate Halloween again at the local goth club :D I didn't want to repeat the zombie look, so I had to do some quick thinking on what to for our makeup (which I hate). I ended up making a cute/cartoonish skull for me and a bit more realistic one for Daki. I didn't have much time to make them so they didn't turn out as realistic has I was hoping for (I'm always on the run!).

And some group photos of the night.

Oh! did you noticed my hair was black? I really needed to give it a rest from bleaching, I'm getting used to it now, but I miss my crazy colors :(

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  1. OMG! The Zombie Outfit and Makeup are so crazy perfect!