Jun 23, 2013

LBGT Pride Parade Lisbon '13

Yesterday was Pride Parade, whoooo! :D
It's always one of the happiest days in Summer. Altough everyone's gathering for a serious issue, to march against prejudice and sexual discrimination, you can't help but  smile and laugh contantly. You can feel so much love and so much strengh from everybody when walking down those Lisbon streets that you can't help but feel all warm and cozy inside. You trully believe that in that moment everbody accepts you  and loves ya.

It was pretty fun all around, except for the moment my back really started to hurt, after a couple of hours walking and standing up. My scoliosis is a bitch and sent me home earlier than I thought, but I still managed to stay till the end!

The day before the Parade me and my friends decided to make some signs, and what could be a better theme than Adventure Time!
We are all hard core fans of the show, and one of the reasons we love it it's because of the subtle way it aproaches subjects such as Girl/Boy Love, Trans problems, gender roles, gender equality and so forth.So we HAD to make an Adventure Time homage :D

And now some pics of the Parade! (some taken by us, so taken by random people)

Yeah, share the love! ^^

Some pics were taken from:

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